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January 20, 2012
Renato met us on time at the airport with our name on sign.
He was born in Peru but raised in New York so he spoke perfect English. He was a great driver, honest, and rates were great from airport to cruise ship. We will use him next time when we are in Peru for sure. Highly recommend.


December 17, 2011
I planned a layover day in Lima for our trip to Chile and back. Then I started reading about Lima. I had no idea it was a city of 9 million people. I found that intimidating and wondered what I'd gotten us into. I found a reference to Taxi Lima Peru on Trip Advisor, and decided that I would email Renato. Within the hour he called me and we had a great conversation in English. I arranged for him to pick us up at the airport, late at night, and then to give us a tour the next morning and to return us to the airport in the early evening. It worked out so well, and I am so glad we decided to take Renato's tour. We had a lovely time in Lima and we were so glad he was driving through the crazy traffic. We felt safe at all times. The experience was so good that we arranged for another tour on our way home. It was New Year's Day, and a lot of the museums were closed, but Renato spent 10 hours with us, and showed us the city sights, took us to a fantastic Peruvian buffet restaurant, Rustica, and then to see the magical fountains of Parque de la Reserva. Renato was a charming person to spend the day with, and an excellent guide.

—Gaia, Darren and Gavan

December 16, 2011
Renato, is the very best Tour Guide that I have ever come across. He MADE our TRIP there is NO question about that. He not only drove us place to place but also was VERY Professional by explaining peru in every detail. He also brought us to unique dinner locations. We hired him for two days and I swear we did not want it to end. He has a FANTASTIC personality and I would have to say it felt like we made a new friend on day one and became close AMIGOS on day two.
In closing, just let me reemphasize, HIRE THIS MAN!!! .

—Bryce Davis

December 5, 2011
This was just a great trip. Renato met us with a big sign at the airport, then took us all around town. He asked what we especially wanted to see, then added his own suggestions, which were all terrific, and went way beyond what we could expect to find in a guidebook. He was generous with his time, a master at negotiating Lima's major traffic issues, and also full of great info about life in Peru, which he was able to convey in a way us Yankees could completely understand -- thanks to his having lived in NY and San Francisco for several years. He was also more than fair when it came to settling up. The whole experience was tremendous. We'd do it again any time. Highly recommended.

—Donna Dancel

November 23, 2011
Best cab driver in Latin America! Renato picked me up at the airport (big sign and on time) and while driving me to my hotel, he did a kind of city tour and told me so much about Lima and Peru in general. Then he drove me to some other places in Lima, always on time and reliable!And the price was absolutely ok! I can really recommend this guy for any stays in Lima.


August 4, 2011
I had a full day tour with Renato on my layover and it was wonderful! I felt like I had been in Lima for almost a week! I saw everything I wanted to see as well as what was important to see in Lima! The food in Peru is absolutely amazing! Went to an amazing restaurant where I got to sample authentic Peruvian food! Trust Renato and let him take you there! I felt completely safe on this tour. If you are a solo female traveler, you can trust him and that's important there in Lima, especially if you don't have much time and you want off of the tourist trail. By the way, they will call you to confirm the tour and to me, that was a major factor when deciding to do this tour. It made me trust right off the bat. Thank you again!!.


May 27, 2011
Renato was great. He picked me up on time from the airport and gave me some useful tips while i was in Lima. His prices are great and picking me up for my departure at 3AM in the morning was not an issue. Overall, i was very happy and woudl recommend his service and will use him again next time i am in Lima.


May 6, 2011
Fiz tambem uma conexao em Lima de 10 horas e pedi pro Sr Renato nos buscar no aeroporto. Recomendo a todas as pessoas que desejam conhecer um pouco de Lima. Ele e muito simpatico, atencioso e gentil.
Obrigada Sr Renato


March 18, 2011
This was just a great trip. Renato met us with a big sign at the airport, then took us all around town. He asked what we especially wanted to see, then added his own suggestions, which were all terrific, and went way beyond what we could expect to find in a guidebook. He was generous with his time, a master at negotiating Lima's major traffic issues, and also full of great info about life in Peru, which he was able to convey in a way us Yankees could completely understand -- thanks to his having lived in NY and San Francisco for several years. He was also more than fair when it came to settling up. The whole experience was tremendous. We'd do it again any time. Highly recommended.


March 23, 2011
Primeiramente eu gostaria de agradecer o Sr. Renato pela atenção, pela honestidade e pelo serviço!
Eu tinha uma conexão de 12 horas em Lima e resolvi fazer um city tour, achei este site e fiz a cotação. Foi o melhor preço que encontrei para um dia inteiro de city tour pela cidade. Ao chegar em Lima, avistamos o sr.Renato na área de desembarque com uma placa com o meu nome.
Como chegamos no horário do almoço, fomos almoçar no distrito de barranco em um restaurante chamado "Rustica", onde você pode comer a vontade as mais variadas comidas típicas (inclusive ceviche), a um preço fixo. Depois, fomos conhecer a cidade e seus distritos! Andamos por vários pontos turísticos da cidade e voltamos para o aeroporto.
A comunicação foi fácil mesmo eu não sabendo espanhol, já que eu sei falar inglês (ele fala inglês e espanhol fluentemente).
Adorei a cidade de Lima!
Recomendo a todos os brasileiros que queiram conhecer Lima!
Obrigada Sr. Renato!.


December 26, 2010
Renato was recommended to me by a friend, and I am very glad that I took her recommendation. Even though it was Christmas Day, he agreed to show my friends and us around town. Renato is very knowledgeable, flexible, and helpful. I hired him for two more days on my own, and he provided me a wealth of information on many topics - Peruvian history, politics, education, food, culture, the economy, and more. He was careful to ensure I did not eat anything that would not agree with my U.S. digestion, and he ensured that I was treated fairly while shopping. I thoroughly enjoyed his company, and highly recommend his services. Single women traveling alone can feel confident and safe in his service.

—Mary Synk

September 14, 2010
I found out about Renato and his tourist services while searching the Internet for things to do during the extra days I had planned to be in Lima prior to and after a more formal tour of the country. He even called me to confirm my interests and provide information. I found him to be sincere, informative and easy to understand. Once in Lima, Renato was punctual and gave us ideas on what to do when my group of four couldn’t decide on an itinerary. Renato knows the city and understands what sights make the best impressions. For example, we went to a beautiful sanctuary on top of a mountain in Chorrillos, and area near Miroflores. The view of the Pacific Ocean below us and the sprawling town of Lima was incredible, as was the church itself. We saw how shantytowns were built on the steepness of the mountains surrounding Lima and understood the reasoning and history of them. On top of this mountain we also saw a monument to the soldiers who fought against Chile; Renato gave us a real sense of history after we asked a few questions. He also took us to the best restaurant we visited in Peru called Sonyas. The place was crowded with locals (always a good sign), the music was festive and the food excellent. Since the menu was all in Spanish, Renato patiently explained each item of interest and ordered a beverage made from corn so that we could experience a totally authentic Peruvian meal. Another trip took us to a section of town with a wooden bridge overlooking a nice neighborhood full of restaurants and people enjoying the plaza. Renato also found a free museum and a pottery display workshop that we found fascinating. His explanations of what we were seeing and tidbits of history added so much to our experience that it is hard to describe. As a comparison, just let me say that I went on a tour of Central Lima that included the Plaza of Armas (the colonial part of the city founded in the 1500’s) with a tour guide of the large vacation company we were traveling throughout Peru with on the day! s we had not engaged Renato and we went there again with Renato. The experience with Renato is still fresh in my mind. He gave additional information based on our interest and told stories that made the experience so much more memorable. I saw that section of the city with totally different and more appreciative eyes. Still another side trip taken with Renato included the beach area. There he took us out on a board walk and offered to allow us to feed the pelicans, a task I wanted to do and one that he facilitated with local venders. We saw everything from a man dressed as a monk dive into the ice-cold waters of the Pacific from a cliff, to Lima’s China town, and local fish markets. I just can’t say enough positive things about Renato, the tours he took us on, and the common sense measures he used to keep us safe, on track and well fed! I’d recommend his services to anyone that wanted to see more of Lima and the surrounding area, or even just go to the airport safely! (The story me hiring a cab driver found at the airport still scares me when I think of the fast driving, tailgating and sudden stops!) You can have fun and feel safe with Renato!.

—Joan Martin

October 21, 2010
I first used the services of Renato on 18 October when I had to leave for the airport at 3:30am. I submitted my request the day before and had a response within an hour and confirmation ensued. Renato, and the car on the site, turned up at 3:29am a perfect time. He spoke great English, though I'm not one for a lot of conversation, but it was great having peace of mind.

As I knew I would require a couple more Lima Airport pickups / dropoffs over the next month, I offered him the jobs then and their.

Today, when my flight arrived from Iquitos, Renato was waiting sign in hand ready to take me straight to my hotel. I'm using him again tomorrow.

An ordinary taxi from the rank at Lima costs about US$15 to Miraflores, Renato charges $19. But there is NO comparison. Most international arrivals seem to arrive near 11pm at night and, having been to 50+ countries, Lima was one of the busiest arrival halls I've seen. As a non (muy poco) Spanish speaker, I could not be bothered finding a taxi, then convincing the driver to use the meter, then hoping he knows where he is going and not being able to communicate with them at midnight.

So for a small extra price (let's face it US$19 is still cheap), the convenience of seeing your name on a sign and a guy who speaks fluent English is totally worth it.

He offers many other trips which I'm sure is equally reliable, but I can't comment from experience on those, best to read the other reviews!

100% Recommended. The same Fluent English service in Argentina costs more than costs more than double! .

—Russell Sneddon

September 18, 2010
Many thanks Renato for a memorable day.
A little "off the wall" request was accomodated to perfection when, after a couple of weeks wildlife watching in Manu, my desire was to see the coastal birds around Lima.
Renato came up trumps with a visit to the Fish Market where we had close encounters with Pelicans and Gulls, then viewing thousands of birds including waders, terns, gulls, grebes, ducks and herons at Villa Marshes, a short drive out from the city.
Many thanks, the culture of Lima will have to wait until my next visit !

—Andy Meaton

Octobe, 2010
Renato provided wonderful taxi service from the airport to hotel and back to the airport. He offered brochures to assist in my visit. He also gave great suggestions for where to eat and even a boat load of history about the area. I highly recommend using this service for any travel to Lima!!!.


September 20, 2010
Our group of five was well-accomodated by Renato along with a van driver he was able to locate. As many know, when traveling abroad with even a family of four (and in this case with the addition of my father) it is difficult to find arrangements for touring. My husband works for an airline and Renato comes highly recommended and we cannot express how happy we are to have had him as a guide. To give you an idea of what you will see with a guide -- when staying in Miraflores (as most tourists) you will see every night a gorgeous cross on a hill lit up. Renato was able to take us during the day to the cross. He knew the history of why it was there, knew the woman who was the caretaker of the outdoor church and cross and knew of her family and introduced us to her. Even the local family we rented a condo from had no idea of the history of the cross or of this woman although they were locals! That is only one minor point of our filled day of touring. Yes, you can have any taxi take you (or wait on you) to the sites such as the downtown Lima sites, but they will not be able to tell you (in perfect English, I might add) about the history of the places and the things which make it interesting. Renato has lived in the US for over 10 years and speaks perfect english yet has been in Peru many years now too in order to establish relationships with those living around the areas you are touring. We can also not say enough about going to stops and restaurants the locals frequent. Not only are the prices better, but the food is more authentic and excellent! He is very flexible and we did a lot of planning in the van the morning of our tour once we had a day in Lima the day before in order to have our priorities in order. We were able to see many of the areas around Lima and not just Miraflores which made it worth having a guide to show us the gorgeous colored houses of Callao and the other areas all around Lima. Thanks for a wonderful day and we will be sure to tell all we know about your company!

—Dawn & Michael Hudson

June 18, 2010
We had an excellent tour with Renato. We were very grateful that Renato waited for our delayed flight from Cusco. We were over four hours late and he was there to pick us up and show us around. The personal knowledge of the area was excellent. We highly recommend Renato.

—Monica Potter

September 7, 2010
I only had a few days to visit 25 companies in Lima. Carlos was invaluable in finding the offices and making the trip efficient. Cheaper and much easier than renting a car. Great service. I recommend them.

—Jay Baugher

September 3, 2010
We so appreciated the tour that your company provided as well as the advice we received about being tourists in Lima.

I reach out to "taxilimaperu" via a google search on the web and completed a request for a cab ride from the airport. I'm so glad that I did. Renato reached out to me via email to confirm and explained to me what to expect as I exit the airport and look for him. I was very comfortable - which was wonderful at 11pm at night.

We returned to Lima at the end of our trip and booked a tour with Renato. We asked if we could add the ruins of Pachacamac to the tour - and Renato was will and set accurate time and cost expectations (in USD). The tour was amazing - and then we still had time to see the beautiful districts of Barranco and Chorrillos with a wonderful Peruvian lunch buffet and band as well. Renato took time to tell us what each item was on the buffet - what we could eat and what we should stay away from. In the district of Barranco Renato spoke to a Peruvian box drummer and I was able to try my hand(s) at drumming. Loved it! (see attached)

Please note: Miraflores is the place to get a hotel. Lima is a bit unusual for tourists. Stay in Miraflores - and use this service for your tour of Lima. Please. It's safe and informative..

—Jennifer Buck

May 1, 2010
We had a great time touring Lima with Renato. He was very knowledgable and took us to see all the wonderful sites of Lima. But the thing that impressed me most was this: I forgot my camara in his taxi when we got out at the airport before our flight home. When we arrived at home there was a message waiting from Renato letting us know that he had found our camara. He was very helpful in finding the best way to get it back to me. Now that's great customer service. Thank-you and good luck in all that you do.

—Judy & Dave Allen

September 5, 2008
I used Renato's service for the first time in SEP 2008.This was my first time to SOUTH AMERICA.Renato picked me up at the airport,and took me to Miraflores.The next day he picked us up,and gave us a tour of down town Lima.I highly recommend Renato's service,and I will only use his service.

—Brian Postlethwait

March 22, 2010
Had a great tour with Renato who speaks excellent English.We had already been in Peru for 5 Weeks so had seen most of the regular tourist things and places around Lima.He toured us around and showed us lots of things we would have never seen had we not spent the day with him.had a great day and it was well worth the money!.

—Ed & Judy Isaac

February 21, 2010
Renato was on time, and I had a wonderful time, and he was able to show me most of the attraction at Lima. If you are looking for a safe and good tour of Lima, Renato is the guy. He also speaks fluent english and knows good places to visit that otherwise normal tourist wont visit..

—Fahd Nazir

February 8, 2009
We arrived in Lima after a long flight from Australia and were tired but very excited. Having lived in Peru for 2 years a long time ago, I know how unreliable Peruvians can be, so I really did not expect too much... But, to our great delight, Renato was there to meet us absolutely as planned. What a relief! He is a very pleasant man and was our escort for 5 hours while we were in transit for a flight to Arequipa.He gave us a beautiful tour of Lima. He took us to a delightful Peruvian restaurant where we sampled all the wonderful Peruvian foods and local drinks. Our tour was very extensive and inforamtive and we saw the poor parts of Lima as well as the city itself and all the beautiful old colonial buildings. Renato took us back to the airport in plenty of time for our Arequipa flight, so we didn't have to panic! I would not hesitate to use this taxi service again and highly recomend it to any visitors to Lima. Renato spoke very good English and was an absolute gentleman the whole time. Thanks you for such a good day Renato.


Decemeber 3, 2009
Renato took fifteen of us, cruise passenger from the Star Princess, for a full day tour to see the ruins and Lima. We covered a lot of sights within the "short" span of time - including both modern and "old" Lima. We managed to see the water fountain show before we returned to the ship too! What a memorable day. What great service from Renato..

—Meesim Lee

July 15, 2009
Had a full day tour with Renato. He picked us up (family of 3)at the hotel and showed the highlights of Lima during a 7 hours tour (Lima should not be missed). He made the choises and took us around Miraflores, Barranco, Chorillos and downtown old part of Lima. We would never had the opportunity to see and experience so much of Lima without his help. He is very knowledgable and pleasant. And for non spanish speaking people - his english is exellent. We can only give our highest recommendations.

—Tore Berg

August 23, 2009
Renato was an excellent guide. I was a bit apprehensive of travelling by myself but seeing that Renato had testimonies from other women travelling on their own, I felt safe. He offered me a very reasonable price, was on time, excellet English and was happy to do whatever I wanted to do and see!
He took me to a lovely restaurant and we feasted on beautiful chicken and potatoes!!
Thank you Renato and hope business is good... you deserve it!.

—Vivien Poy

August 11, 2010
My sisters and I recently returned from a six day visit to Lima. We have all traveled a great deal in Europe, but none of us had been to South America before, so we were quite concerned about how things were going to go. I cannot say enough about what a wonderful time we had. Lima is an amazing place, and our tour guide, Renato, was astoundingly good.  We three are a very demanding group, but Renato never batted an eye. He met every request, every concern seriously, but with a touch of good humor that meant spending 8 hours a day with him was a pleasure. He took us to archeological digs, museums, shops, people’s homes, monasteries, churches – really all over Lima. We walked when we wanted to, rode when we didn’t. Spent as much time in places as we wanted, but he always managed to get us to the next place we wanted to go on time. And he surprised us several times with visits to places we had not considered – but which turned out to be more than worth the time we spent on them.
None of us speak Spanish, so Renato always made sure our site guides were excellent English speakers. They were all terrific. He was particularly good at letting us know when to look for something special – like the amazingly beautiful Last Supper with guinea pig and chilies. We even took in a regatta! And he took us outside the city limits to see something of the extraordinary landscape that surrounds Lima.
Food? Let me tell you about the wonderful food of Lima. Renato found the most varied, delicious, and non-touristy places to eat that I have ever seen. We were often the only non-Spanish speaking people in the restaurant, but we always felt welcome. The meals were feasts for all the senses, and although each of us has very different tastes when it comes to food, we all enjoyed every meal with him. Whatever your dietary needs, have no fear. Renato seems to know every restaurant in town, and he will find you the best places to suit your palate.
Renato is the best guide I have ever had. He made Lima one of the finest trips my sisters and I have ever had.
This company has my highest recommendations! Bravo Renato! And gracias.

—Cathy Brookshire

January 31, 2009
We want to share the excellent taxi service we enjoyed in Lima. We arrived in Lima late at night & appreciated so much being met at the airport by Carlos. How wonderful it was to arrive in a big strange city late at night & feel like we were being met by a friend. We had made several appointments for pick up & departure to & from the airport as we came from Santiago to Lima & went to Cusco, then back to Lima before leaving to come home to Canada. We also took several tours in Lima with Carlos. Great tours & such a feeling of relaxation being in the company of such a dependable guide. Thank you & I would recommend your service to anyone.

—Jean & John Schellenberg

September 20, 2009
Thank you, Renato, for showing us the beauty and history of Lima. Our group is also thankful for the religious portion of the tour - a great way to end our visit to Peru! Most tour packages to Peru skip Lima and you have proven that this is a big mistake. Anyone who visits Peru MUST see Lima.

—Estela Pelayo

September 7, 2009
Renato was extremely prompt and dependable.He gave us a fantastic City Tour at a reasonable price. Transfers to and from Lima Airport were done very timely. His suggestion for lunch, gave us a good idea of peruvian food.
We higly recommend him.
His English is great because he worked and lived in the USA..

—Dr. and Mrs. Beker

July 18, 2009
We had a fairly complicated itinerary for this trip, with multiple airport pick-ups and drop-offs (for side trips) with 4 travelers and a lot of luggage. In addition, we engaged Renato for 3 different days of touring. He also helped us with difficult to arrange restaurant reservations. He was ALWAYS on time and on station at the agreed hour. His English is excellent and his prices are reasonable. He really added to the enjoyment of our trip.

—Keith and Priscilla Brunner

August 22, 2009
Renato, I still can't believe how much of a tour you were able to give us in such a short period. With our lengthy stop over at the Lima airport, the 5 hour nightime tour was perfect. Both Morgan and I found it to be enjoyable, informative, entertaining and saw parts of Lima we would never have otherwise seen. You certainly kept it moving along, and we recommend to anyone to contact you and take a personal tour. Your knowledge and sense of humour were greatly appreciated, as was your approach which made us feel very comfortable. I look forward to another visit to Lima to do a daytime tour with you. Good luck, and thanks again.

—David and Morgan Blower

August 17, 2009
Renato was a great tour guide and was able to keep us busy during our 8 hour layover in Lima. He was very friendly and knew a lot about the city. and We enjoyed spending time with him!.

—Greg Newman

August 16, 2009
I found taxilimaperu through google and sent a request for a rate quote. Within an hour, Renato responded with a reaonable rate from the airport to Miraflores.

Upon arrival, Renato was waiting and we left the aiport promptly. He was a fantastic guide to Miraflores and gave me a lot of history about Lima and Peru on the way to the hotel.

I used the same service to leave, and Renato's associate, Carlos, was right on time and navigated the busy rush hour traffic to get me to the airport in under 30 minutes.

Do yourself a favor and give these gentlemen your business!.

—Robert Kelly

July 12, 2009
Very reliable service. Both our pick up & drop off at Lima Airport was timely. Renato speaks excellent English (having lived in the USA for a while). Both Renato & Carlos are very informative with whatever you want to do in Lima. Their rate is very fair. Don't hesitate to use their service.

—Ken & Lynn Hellmer

June 21, 2009
Renato, we just arrived back in the US and wanted to thank you for all your great assistance and help with the airport pickup and the great tour to Paracas and the Nasca Lines. The girls really liked you and you made us feel at ease with your knowledge of the area and the fact that you had lived in the US for awhile and had a great command of the English language. Again, we really appreciate all your help and assistance.......and we especially remember your creepy description of Maria Reiche and her nine fingers corresponding to the 9 fingers on the Nasca monkey........ best wishes on all your future endeavors

—Joe Franzone, Toncha, Jessica, Rachael, and Haley

June 23, 2009
Renato was an amazing guide. He had us laughing from the minute we got in the taxi. All is suggestions were right on, we had the best ceviche and saw places in Lima we would never have gotten to see with the standard guide. We felt totally safe, he speaks perfect English so that helped soak in more of the culture and he even helped us with our delayed flight info! This made our layover one of the highlights of our whole Peru trip. A must if you want to see Lima.

—Anais Strickling

June 19, 2009
Great service. Carlos was on time, knew a lot about the city and was a congenial companion to me and my wife. Great way to see an emerging great city!.

—Joe Kavalan

May 25, 2009
Dear Renato and Carlos,

It was a big pleasure for me meeting both of you in Peru. Your services were perfect.
You showed me the best things of the Peruvian people. In a strange city and being for the first time in your country, I felt more then safe travelling with you.

It was a nice and gentle way to bring your assistant with you at the airport for the first time you came to pick me up. I felt safe. As well, your offer to take me back to another hotel at night, when they cancelled my first booking was the most generous offer I ever had from someone I barely knew him. That was lovely and very generous from you. Thank You.

You made my trips between the hotel and the airport very interesting, short and lovely. With all the information you gave me, the stories you told me, I felt being with someone I knew from long time. I felt being with a friend.
It was very nice of you to be always ready on time, honest and most important smiley. Thank You.

I will never forget both of you and wish you all the best in your job and to your company. I liked your country a lot and I wish I can visit the place again someday.

My best wishes.

—Rima Zaidan

June 13, 2009
We had a 24-hr stopover in Lima and found online. We were met, taken to our hotel and returned to the airport the next night (Lima airport after dark is not for the faint-hearted), all as arranged and on time. In between we did an all-day city tour with Carlos and found him knowledgeable and helpful. Highly recommended.

—Alec & Mary Clelland

June 7, 2009
Since I had a layover in Lima, Peru I decided to do a tour and I found Renato from “Taxi_Lima_Peru” online. I contacted him at the last minute and he answered my email within minutes. I pre-booked Renato via email prior to my arrival in Lima with the airport pickup and drop off. I had a wonderful time with Renato. There is no better way on a short trip to see Lima. I felt 100% safe the whole time. It was an interesting tour, and Renato was very knowledgeable. ( And fluent in English!)
Highly recommended. Thanks!

—Stanislaw Rajski

May 27, 2009
We wanted to spend a day in Lima touring the city before returning home. Renato came highly recommended through other internet sites and he did not disappoint. Renato speaks fluent English and has a great sense of humor (which you need to drive in Lima!) Thanks Renato!.

—Mari Lutz, Jane Griffin and Pablo

May 20, 2009
If you are a tourist to Lima, I would highly recomend Renato and Taxilimaperu. They are well priced, very friendly and have an intimate knowledge of the city. For a real look at the beauty of Lima, relax and contact Renato.

—Mike W.

May 2, 2009
Due to a cancelled flight, we ended up only having 10 hours to spend in Lima. Renato was fantastic and arranged an ideal itinerary that gave us a taste of the various parts of Lima. Renato is knowledgeable, personable, and provided a thoroughly enjoyable day for my husband and I. We can't thank you enough!.

—Theresa Baker

April 30, 2009
We had one day.from our cruise ship.and RENATO.was a good guide and fun,we saw LIMA,and ruins.and had a excellent buffet at RUSTIC'S resturant.Very highly recommened!!.

—Mike & Rosemary

March 29, 2009
We had a seven hour layover in Lima before our departure flight, and took advantage of TaxiLima. Our driver, Carlos, could not have been nicer and was certainly knowledgeable about Lima. My only regret is that we did not spend some time in this intriguing city.

—David & Adele Paynter

March 30, 2009
I had a layover in Lima for an entire day so rather than sitting in the airport, I wanted to be able to see a new part of Peru. I decided to book Renato after several positive recommendations. To say the least, it was by far a wonderful experience and I was able to see ALL of Lima. Not only a great tour guide, but very personable as well. He made me feel very safe and comfortable in a city where I knew nothing and nobody. I HIGHLY recommend Renato to anyone who is considering doing some sightseeing in Lima or needs to get away from the airport. Thanks for everything Renato!


March 20, 2009
Just wanted to say,on behalf of Mike,Val & David too, thank you so much for giving us a wonderful day seeing the real Lima.We particularly enjoyed the fish market,the amazing view from the hill at Miraflores and ofcourse our interesting chats with you,Thank you also for your patience with Mike in the internet cafe,he never got it sorted!!!

Keep well-we won't forget that mad (traffic, I mean!) day with you in Peru.

Yours sincerely

—Wendy M.

March 12, 2009
Very enjoyable tour. I had a five hour layover and was able to see much of Lima on this tour. Renato´s English was excellent and he picked a good selection of sights. Much better than sitting around in the airport waiting for a connection.

—Gregory Ruttan

January 05, 2009
Since we had a long layover in Peru we decided to do a tour in Lima and we found Renato online. Without even knowing him nor if we could even get out of the airport in Lima we decided to book with him. When we got out Renato was their waiting patiently for us. He gave us the best tour possible. Renato took us to an amazing Peruvian restaurant and drove us around Lima for 10 hours almost. Although we were extremely tired from our vacation and going back home, he kept us awake! Highly well-informed, patient while we looked at sights he has seen a many times and just a good person to be around. We definitely recommend Renato's service and hopefully we will be able to go back to Peru to spend a few days and tour with Renato again! Thank you so much Renato, we wish you all the best!.

—Lygia & Beau

December 13, 2008
We contacted Renato at the last moment and he answered our email literally within minutes. Carlos picked us up at the airport the next day and it was very nice to have someone waiting just for us when we arrived in Lima. The next day we took a city tour of Lima and Carlos was very knowledgeable about Lima and Peru in general. He also speaks fluent English which for us non-Spanish speaking folks was really essential! We managed to see all the highlights of Lima in a very concise tour and the cost was very economical.

We left Lima on a very, very early morning flight and Carlos was again prompt to pick us up from our hotel which eliminated a lot of worry. We wish to thank Carlos, Renato and taxilimaperu for their reliability, promptness and ease of communication and we will be sure to call again the next time we are in Lima. We give taxilimaperu our highest recommendation.

—Jake & Janette

November 26, 2008
I used Taxi Lima Peru twice and Renato confirmed my requests immediately by e mail. He and Carlos were prompt and professional. Highly recommened. :-)

—Peter Walker

November 19, 2008
Had a great personalized 10 hour tour with Renato. He will show you a local's point of view, barter for you at the shops, show you the "safe" places to eat (including streetfood). Great expereince. Felt 100% safe the whole time.

—Mario Alinea

October 10, 2008
Renato and Carlos gave us a wonderful tour of Lima. I was in Lima to start my GAP tour on the Inca Trail and found Renato's name on the watering hole forum on the GAP website. I emailed him and he was very quick to respond with prices and a description of the tour. Carlos was on time the day of the tour and took us to see all the wonderful sites of Lima. We were able to sample awesome peruvian food at a restaurant we had lunch at. Overall, the trip was great and I would highly recommend Renato and Carlos for your Lima tour. Thank you Carlos for a wonderful day!


November 10,18, 2008
Renato is heads and shoulders above all the other taxi's I used in Lima. Punctial, great interpreter, knew where streets were that other cabbies needed to ask someone. The owner of my apartment asked for his number after meeting him at my apartment. He helped me get something fixed that I accidently broke at the apartment, and saved me both a higher expense, and to be thought poorly by my landlord. Highly Highly recommend.

—Barry Brachfeld

November 8, 2008
I don't know where to begin. We prebooked Renato via email prior to our arrival in Lima. We had a day in the city before the start of our GAP tour and wanted to see some sights. Renato was a blessing. Highly knowledgable, infinitely patient while we looked at sights he has seen a thousand times, very funny and quick witted, intensely professional and polite, Renato made our tour of Lima a delight. We saw areas of the city that we would never have ventured to on our own, learned lots of history and got to know the city very well. We really saw the city, not just the tourist traps and he let us know which areas were safe and which areas to avoid. After spending the day with Renato, we booked him for our transfer to the airport and were so glad we did. We felt like we were reconnecting with an old friend. He was the first person we met in Lima and the last person we saw before we left. A perfect beginning and end to our trip. Simply the most genuine person we met and a huge part of the enjoyment of our visit. Thanks so much and we hope to get the opportunity to see you again. All the best

—Lori & Joel Denis

November 11, 2008
What a perfect way to spend a free day before our midnight flight home. For the price we got to see a lot of Lima in a short period of time. Thank you Renato and we still think about the food at Rustica, perfect! Aloha, James & Sharyl

—James & Sharyl Haruguchi

September 13, 2008
Thanks, Renato, for an excellent day touring Lima and our birdwatching at Pantanos de Ville. You provide an excellent service at a great cost. Lunch at Rustica was a highlight of our trip!

—Joe Schelling

September 14, 2008
We had a wonderful time with Renato. I can't say enough about how great his service was. There is no better way on a short trip to see Lima. It was like having a friend who is an expert tour guide.

—John Hand

May 3, 2008
I was so satisfied with the service, I can recommend without reserve to anyone that wants a flawless car service while visiting Lima. Very reasonably priced and everything was smooth and timely. This is a service that i would rate 5 stars. Thanks for making our arrival to Lima so pleasant.

—Amparo Yabar

August 15, 2008
Renato and Carlos provided us with one of the best tours ever in any one place. They have shown us the grit and culture and cuisine of the great city of Lima in a most passionate way and we truly appreciate that. I highly recommend Taxi Lima Peru for any newcomer and seasoned tourist visiting Lima,Peru

—Dr. Sanjay Jayachandran

August 24, 2008
I had a few hours between flights, and took the opportunity to do a 4-hour tour of Lima. It was an interesting tour, and my driver and guide was very knowledgable.

—Fredrik Carstens

August, 2008
Thanks for both Renato and Carlos. Your great service and resonable rate help our trip alot, weather on airport pick up and drop off or the two days city tour, we feel the passions of Lima and have really enjoy the very different culture deeply. Of course the Ceviche, Inca cola and Pisco sour is our favorite Peruvian food and drinks. I recommand all new Lima vistors to have their help during your trip, it's safe and friendly!


July, 2008
I found Renato on The Watering Hole (GAP) from another customer who had also traveled to Lima by herself late a t night. Renato was a Blessing!! He was wonderful! He made sure I got checked into my hotel (even after it was switched last minute)! He also took me on a fabulous city tour! He was super nice, super informative and a pleasure! Thank you for making my trip to Peru that much better!

—Simona Hradil

June 29, 2008
I was very happy with the services of TaxiLimaPeru. Renato met me at the airport and took me on a city tour including churches, a museum, walking in the downtown, and the local market. I would not have been able to do these things otherwise, being there by myself, unfamiliar with the city, and only in town for a eight hour layover between flights. Many thanks for an outstanding tour!


July 19, 2008

—Maria Marek Les

July 17, 2008
Wonderful job, had a great time with the city tour and the airport transfer was prompt and easy! we especially enjoyed going to the different parks on the coast and the Santa Rosa church, think we saw most of Lima. Liked the secluded lookout over the ocean, and really enjoyed lunch, appreciated the tutorial on Peruvian cuisine, and excellent recommendations! Thanks again!

—Rebecca Howie

June 18, 2008
We made arrangements for a City Tour with Renato in advance via email. He is quick to respond and very professional. He picked us up from our Lima hotel on time and he was very friendly. Our stay in Lima was short but we had a great overview of the city and enjoyed the afternoon very much. We even shared lunch with Renato at Pardo's Chicken near Plaza de Armas. Delicious!

—Sonia & Robert Tellez

June 19, 2008
I had a terrific time with Renato. I can't say enough about how great the service is. There is no better way to see Lima. I would recommend a tour with Renato to won't be disappointed.


March 5, 2008
My girlfriend and I spent 10 days travelling around Peru. From Lima to Cuzco and everything in between. Without a doubt, the day we spent with Renato was the best part of our trip. We even enjoyed it more than Machu Picchu!

From the airport pickup, with a big sign in hand, to the personalised tour around Lima, Renato made every moment worthwhile.

We were only planning a short morning tour, but we didn't want to stop! We spent the whole day and afternoon with Renato because we were enjoying ourselves so much.

My favourite - the cliff diving monk.
Hiroko's favourite - the buffet lunch.

Renato, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you very much. You were the kindest, friendliest and most interesting person we met in Peru.

—Andrew & Hiroko

May, 2008
What would be Lima without Renato. He made my stay in Lima a very pleasant one. From my arrival to Lima (he came to the airpot to pick me up), to my departure, he was always there to make me discover this interesting city. Renato always provided me with a great and professional service. He is very professional, super friendly and knowledgeable. Though we spoke Spanish together, Renato is very fluent in English. I will sure use his service again when I come back to Lima


February 25, 2008
Renato went above and beyond the call of duty, and I cannot thank him enough for the assistance he provided. I had prebooked my taxi ride with TaxiLimaPeru from the Lima airport to an address supposedly in Miraflores, as my flight arrival time was around 1am. Renato and I and some other passengers drove around the area looking for the address of the guest house. The address supplied by the guest house turned out to be a fake address. With the help of the internet (access provided by the other passengers who were strangers to me) eventually we were able to contact the guest house and get the correct address. Any other taxi service would not have stayed with me or assisted to the nth degree. I can highly recommend TaxiLimaPeru and thank you once again for all your help.

—Fiona Campbell

As the owner of, Renato takes care of my clients. No one knows Lima better!

—Randy Civello

April 29, 2008
We were very pleased with Renato's tour and also airport pickup. He is friendly and helpful, informative and reliable. Highly reccommended. Thanks!

—Barry and Terri

March, 2008
We highly recommend Renato as a taxi tour guide and a knowledgeable leader. He is very willing to show you Lima and surrounding area and is also a great guide as to where to dine. His English is very good. Also a safe driver and goes out of his way to be helpful.

—Harry & Lois Nielsen

March 25, 2008
We were in Lima, one day ahead of our Gap Tour of Peru, and had a great and entertaining tour of Lima's historic centre, a great ride on Costa Verde where we enjoyed Miraflores parks and enjoyed a great lunch in a local restaurant, frequented by locals only, where we were able to taste some of the finest local dishes under the guidance of Renato -- Highly recommended.

—Joseph Baladi

Just came back from Lima last week. I found an American friend who lives in Lima and fluent in English. He was very helpful in picking me up from airport and gave great tour around the city.


I just recently returned from Peru and found the greatest taxi driver on the internet before I left. His website is and his name is Renato. Just send him an e-mail...and he will be there waiting for you. He lived in NYC for 20 years so English is no problem. He is courteous, funny, very knowledgable and very professional--highly recommended!!

He also does a wonderful City Tour taking you on a private tour to some of the "off the beaten path" places as well as the more traditional. He really made my stay in Lima a delight.

GAP (watering Hole)

We emailed [Renato] and he arrived at our Lima hotel right on time. We spent almost 7 hours with him. He was great and gave us a great tour. We were very pleased.

GAP (watering Hole)

Just to add to the chorus of Renato fans: we were in Lima for two nights and one day, before heading to Cuzco to do the Inca Trail. We had Renato pick us up at the airport and give us a city tour the next day. He was just great. Highly professional and courteous, but also extremenly flexible and accommodating. By the end of the city tour, it felt more like he was an old friend than someone we had just met.

GAP (watering Hole)

We just used [Renato] this week to get to the Lima airport at an ungodly hour to make our flight. He was very professional - he speaks English very fluently, called ahead to confirm, came early and gave us time to get prepared. Next time, I plan to call him for a city tour.

GAP (watering Hole)

[Renato] is wonderful. We just used him. He is very knowledgable and punctual and is easy to correspond with as he answers his email and responds daily. I highly reccomend him.

GAP (watering Hole)

Fue un placer tener a mi disposicion a Renato como guia durante mi estancia en Lima. El trato fue esplendido en cuanto a nivel turistico y cultural. Tuve la oportunidad de conocerlo como persona  y disfrutar de esos dias tambien  a nivel humano. Creo que es muy positiva la oportunidad  de que cualquier persona pueda tener para contactar con el  para organizar el viaje.

—Guadalupe Garcia

Thank you Renato for the great tour you gave us in Lima. We enjoyed the city and the drive along the coast line with it's pretty views. Your English is fluent and you really know your way around. Good luck with your business.

—Lisa and Patrick Fevery

We made it back home without problems, although when we walked out of Logan Airport in Boston, both May and I had the same reaction: "where's Renato?" You took such good care of us that we are having a hard time re-adjusting to having to look after ourselves.

—Stephen Atlas

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