Presbyter Maestro Cemetery was inaugurated May 31st , 1818 by the Viceroy Jose Fernando de Abascal. This cemetery museum was designed and built by Matias Maestro, a Basque Presbyterian who was also an architect, sculptor and painter. Considered to be the first civilian cemetery in America, Presbyter Maestro contains approximately 850 mausoleums, sculptures, monuments and tombs that are accurate representations of various artistic, cultural and religious trends that were found in America during the 19th an 20th centuries.

The cemetery is made up of streets, gardens, quarters and boulevards decorated with beautiful statues. Of particular interest are its magnificent mausoleums, accounting for many of the wealthy families in Lima. The most notable among these monuments is the "Cripta de los Héroes" which contains the remains of Miguel Grau, Francisco Bolognesi and Andrés A. Cáceres, heroes from the War of the Pacific in 1879-83.

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